Monday, 5 September 2011

my loving pets


This is my first entry for the first time ever since i'm a new blogger. As u can see, i have major crush on pets and here i am sharing my thoughts and perhaps some tips that might be useful to u. 

But first of all, it is my pleasure to show u what i have here to share with. Let's have a look! ^_^


I have two ponds which consist of different types of fish. Love it when it comes to feeding time. It's as if the fish knew that i was going to feed them the moment i walk towards the pond. :)

ikan2 koi,talapia,kura2,catfish and many more.
one of the biggest fish : ARAPAIMA

The easiest pets to choose if u like to have babies continuously .haha.oh wait. there's more. use the waste to make BAJA. :)
new born babies
one of them
new couple.wait for new born babies.hehe
time for some pose


What can i say. I love them the most. Couldn't stop thinking of them when i was at Penang celebrating my Raya with family coz one of them just delivered. But somehow, she did it and she produced 3 beautiful, healthy babies. well done Brownie! ^_^

Not to forget the other cats. They are sweet and smart!
Brownie and her new babies. 2 female,1male
what should i call him?
apa tu cium pungkuk orang?

so cute
the daddy
the daddy gaduh dgn girlfriend baru.nilah padahnya.

ni girlfriend baru daddy.
the posing cats
this one called roger
Chummy who loves her sponge ball.
Marble is pregnant.can see the belly grew bigger time to time.
This one is called Along

 So there u go. My first post.Hope u enjoy. Will update more soon!!! ^_^

tx for reading. :)

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